Natural Path, led by Sarah Chappell, helps people find holistic ways to heal themselves mind, body, and spirit.

We offer individualized haircare, skincare, and holistic health strategies.

Take charge of your health!

Sarah can assist you in making a holistic health strategy that simplifies your approach to self-care and makes a healthy lifestyle accessible to you. Her naturopathic approach is tailored to your unique biology, she uses the art and science of nature and the incredible healing power of plants in her treatments.

Working with Sarah you will soon discover even small degrees of change you are willing to make form new habits for improved health and preventing illness. As a naturopath Sarah believes in using the healing power of nature, treating the whole person, finding the root cause, and focusing on prevention.

Sarah helps others see health as their most valuable asset.

Sarah’s approach is honest and authentic, she disarms limiting belief systems and works with clients to develop a holistic approach to life, wellness, health and beauty.


BS in Community Health Education

from Texas A&M University (2003)

Licensed Cosmotologist by Aveda Institute (2009)

Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP)

from Trinity School of Natural Health (2016)

Doctor of Naturopathy (ND)

from Trinity School of Natural Health (2018)

Sarah chappell - FOUNDER

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Hours of Operation

Tue-Sat, 10a-6p By appointment only


If you have questions or would like to discuss our wellness programs, please reach out and we will respond at our earliest convenience.